11 fashion movies you must watch

Here’s the list of 11 fashion movies you need to watch! At least once in your life!

One never knows where inspiration will come from in any sphere of life.  When it is about fashion, obviously looking up to celebs and influencers is a must.  Then there are fashion TV shows, magazines and blogs. And of course the online media! One can also download apps that work as a virtual outfit planner. Chicisimo is a case in point.

In addition to all of this, there are fashion movies.  Because films have movie stars and they mean fashion.  And also the latest outfits of the season can be seen on them. Whether it is in or out of movies, stars embody style. That means it is a good idea to draw inspiration from movies.  However, some movies revolve solely around fashion or fashion houses. So, here you have 11 fashion films you must watch:

The Devil wears Prada, our first of the fashion movies you must watch

The first on our list of 11 fashion movies that you must watch couldn’t be other. This movie revolves around the exacting editor of a fashion magazine. And her new recruit.  The entire premise of the movie is around fashion.  You are sure to get inspired in your wardrobe choices.

The Devil wears Prada is one of the 11 fashion films you must watch

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Based on the book by Sophia Kinsella, this is a fashion movie to watch.  Even your outfit planner would have watched this multiple times.  It is about how a shopaholic gets to create her own fashion articles. Inspiration here lies not only in the outfits but the attitude.  You might as well go out shopping for new wardrobeadditions. All the big fashion houses play a part in this movie.

Confessions of a Shopaholic is one of the 11 fashion films you must watch

101 Dalmatians

An unusual choice for a fashion movie recommendation? Not really! The antagonist, Cruella Deville, is obsessed with fashion.  It is her quest to create new outfits with Dalmatian skins.  Although the movie deals with preventing cruelty and skin trade, it is about fashion too. Cruella’s new outfits and hats are to die for. Any outfit planner would love to watch this one.

Valentino: The Last Emperor

Documenting the life and works of Valentino Garavani, you must not miss this one.  The man who can say ‘I know what women want’ deserves many watches.  After all how many men can ever say that! Not the most experienced outfit planners can lay a claim to this. You will get revolutionary ideas on how to redo your wardrobe after watching this.  Some lives are inspirational.  This is certainly one such.

Valentino: The last Emperor is one of the 11  fashion films you must watch

Dior and I – Another of the fashion movies you must watch

The House of Dior.  The name says it all.  Such is the power of the brand.  Fashion apps like Chicisimo regularly feature such heavyweights.  Dior after all created a whole new range. It is basically a documentary around Dior.  The best fashion tips, the classiest outfits, feature in this fashion film.  One must watch this for insight and inspiration.  How to look good is their business. You will pick up tricks too.

Dior and I

Factory Girl

This film is built around Edie Sedgwick, who was a glamour super girl in her times. Naturally the costumes and outfits in the movie are the best.  The movie and its execution might not appeal; however it is a lesson in contemporary fashion and styling. You are sure to end up feeling inspired to try on different outfits. Call your outfit planner in order to get going.

Factory girl

Sex and the City – A fashion movie you must watch… several times!

A movie made on the massively popular TV series, each character has a different style.  Do watch this for picking up wardrobe tips.  Surely your outfit planner will recommend this too.  A fantastic stylized look into contemporary fashion. You will be wowed by how each character turns out.  And how they manage home and work life is an education too.

Sex and the City is one of the 11  fashion films you must watch

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The eternal beauty of Audrey Hepburn defines this cult classic.  Ladies, it is a must watch.  How some fashion surpasses ages and remains relevant.  This movie will inspire every generation.  Some of the outfits worn in this movie hold pride of place. The monochrome theme and the perfectly cut ones must be part of every wardrobe.

Breakfast at Tiffanys is one of the 11  fashion films you must watch

Iris – One of the fashion movies you maybe didn’t know

A documentary on the life and work of Iris Apfel, watch this epic right now, on eof the fashion movies we recommend.  If you are into fashion you cannot miss this one.  How from a textile designer she grew to become a fashion icon is amazing.  A study into the buzzing fashion circle of New York City.  You can take your newfound discoveries and check out what Chicisimo offers.  For those of you who love bold and brazen fashion, Iris is for you.  She was known for her love of costume jewellery too.  A movie that will inspire the inner diva in you.  Answer your wild side and upscale your wardrobe now.

Iris Apfel

Picture Me

This one is more of a modelling autobiography on Sara Ziff. How an almost unknown girl makes it big is what it’s about.  The world of high glamour and fabulous clothes is shown in this film.  Models showcase great clothes after all, so inspiration lies everywhere.  On top of it, you will realize where grit and determination can take anyone.  And how important carriage and confidence is. Looking good is not only about having the best clothes always. It has so much to do with the right attitude.

Picture me

Coco Before Chanel – One of the fashion movies you must watch

The name that is a legend, Coco Chanel.  This movie stars her character. It follows her life and evolution into a fashion diva. Chanel is a timeless fashion house that will always portray chic. Their simplistic lines spell class all over. Make this film your priority fashion film. While dealing with how Coco became the Chanel, it will inspire wardrobe additions. Chanel spells fashion in every syllable. 

Coco Before Chanel is one of the 11  fashion films you must watch

So these are the 11 fashion films you must watch. You should always remember that fashion is as much to do with trends as setting them. It is a way of life.  It is every day.  And inspiration is there all around us.  There are movies and models, TV shows and personalities. It just takes clever mixing up of resources.  Look into your wardrobe and combine with ideas from Chicisimo, the fashion planner app that can be downloaded  here for IOS and here for Android (if you need information on how to start with the Chicisimo fashion app, please check this previous post.).  And voila, you have done it!

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