Chicisimo - Outfit ideas to decide what to wear

  • Chicisimo is the iPhone App that helps women decide what to wear. It has a unique interface to help women discover ready-to-wear ideas, based on colors or trends;

*Chicisimo for Apple Watch is a super fast way to get outfit ideas, when you are in front of your wardrobe. With just two taps, you can select an item (a sweater for example) and then a color (yellow), and Chicisimo will give you several ideas for the clothes in front of you;

*It's been featured by Apple on the iTunes Home Page in 16 different countries; it has a 5-star average rating on the App Store; it's been the #1 app in the App Store in some European countries.

*This is actual feedback we get from women:

  • Chicisimo is that friend or mother who helps you decide what to wear in those days when we have nothing to wear

  • My wardrobe would be a disaster without this app

  • Chicismo app is like a lifesaver every morning when you dont know what to wear

- Further information:

*iTunes page here. It's a free app, iPhone only;

*More on Chicisimo for Apple Watch;

*Launched in October 16th, 2014. See press release here;

*Please find 2 images below, and hi-re images in this link;

*Contact: Gabriel Aldamiz-echevarría email & hangout: aldamiz@chicisimo.com # 415 800 3490.

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