Chicisimo is looking for a remote Growth Designer. Full time.

What’s Chicisimo?

Chicisimo is an outfit planning and a virtual closet app that helps women decide what to wear. The app is powered by a personalization engine for fashion retail omnichannel.

Chicisimo has been named Best iOS App of Spain in 2019 by Apple, and Best Android app by Huawei, and is regularly featured by Apple as App of the Day in over 140 countries.

We are looking for a Growth designer

  • We are looking for a Growth designer, someone oriented to scaling the business while designing for people;
  • You have experience in visual design, interaction, product thinking and user insight, or you have a strong desire to work developing those four skills;
  • You are a team player. You need to be able to communicate very well with your colleagues, and have experience working with iOS and Android teammates.

Our culture and work environment

We have a purpose. We strongly believe in what we are doing and we think that an app such as Chicisimo must exist. Read about our purpose, below.

We are data obsessed. While you work at Chicisimo, you will be oriented to growing the business: you will have a clear understanding of the levers of conversion, and how different processes influence behaviour and growth. You will also have a clear view of the speed of iteration allowed by each area of the app. You will seek to beat specific metrics, and each piece of work you do will be based on information and will provide information after being shipped.

We ? tools and processes. You will work with the right tools. We are also a little bit obsessed with processes. Simply put, we like having all we need to do our job. We want your input shaping the way we work and the tools we use.

We are remote. Being remote is a core part of our culture. Our main offices are located at Slack & GitHub & Appear, and we feel extremely productive and organized. Also, this is a work environment with a strong communication within the team. Being remote means that you are very disciplined, and also brings the freedom of working from anywhere you want.

Don’t like fashion? Don’t worry, you don’t need to like fashion. You need to loooove interaction design, and the processes around it.

Your day-to-day

  • First weeks: As a growth designer, you will be working on processes to influence behaviour and increase conversion rates. You will focus on two specific growth-related processes within the app, and you will ship designs against specific metrics. You’ll see the first results;
  • First couple of months: You will feel you have a clearer understanding of our growth engine, and how to influence it;
  • By your first year: You will dominate the process of onboarding people; you will understand how a subscription app grows; you will understand how to identify levers of retention and how to influence them. You will speak metrics.

What are we offering?

  • We are offering a unique opportunity to have impact on people, and produce such impact developing your own ideas, being based anywhere you want;
  • We offer a key role at a winning company in a key sector that is going to be radically transformed by taste-capturing technology;
  • We will provide you with everything you need to feel well and do great as a growth designer. You will work with a focused team in a great environment focused on making you, and all of us, better;
  • Obviously, we will offer you a competitive salary.

Chicisimo has a purpose

We’ve come to the conclusion that the single biggest opportunity in the fashion space is yet to be realized, and it’s about helping people feel better with their clothes. Today, most technology efforts are focused on selling you more clothes. Focusing directly on that, in our opinion, means focusing on the small opportunity.

The big opportunity in fashion technology today is to build a mechanism to understand people, then build technology on top of that understanding, and then use that technology to help people feel better with their clothes, by becoming their personal stylist and personal shopper. Offering such an experience will let the winner own people’s attention, and so many more things as a result. That’s where we are focused, and that’s our purpose. And it’s all about people, their emotions and taste:

  • Emotions. When we ask people how they want to feel when they get dressed, they express emotions and a search for wellness. People want to feel confident in their outfits, comfortable, happy, beautiful, sexy, stylish, powerful…;
  • Taste. Understanding the specific clothing behaviour of each individual is one of the major challenges of fashion technology today. At some point, a few tech players will understand our clothes behaviour exactly as Spotify understands our music behaviour. That’s our specific focus here at Chicisimo: so far we’ve learnt what are the meaningful units of capturable what-to-wear data, how to build interfaces to capture those units, and how to interpret them.

Get in touch with us

This is what motivates us. If you want to contribute, please get in touch with us. When you do, tell us what motivates you, and give us a few examples of how your design work has impacted metrics in your former projects.

You can email Gabi at aldamiz@chicisimo dot com, or simply call at +34 666 552 418.

Chicisimo definition and meaning

Lots of people ask about the definition and meaning of Chicisimo. Quite a few people use the term to refer to something cool and fancy, but don’t know to meaning or origin of the term. Here’s the answer:

Chicisimo meaning

  • Chicisimo means “super Chic”;
  • It’s the name of a popular outfit planning app;
  • The word comes from “Chic” + “isimo” which means “a lot” languages of Latin origin;
  • Chicisimo team wanted a name including “Chic” – and “super chic” looked cool;
  • It is an invented word. It did not exist before.

How do you pronounce Chicisimo?

You pronounce it like “Chic” – ChicK + isimo. Some people pronounce it as Chisisimo, but that’s not correct. Some people write Chiquisimo, but the again, that’s not the right spelling.

Learn more about Chicisimo

  • Chicisimo is an outfit planning app with a virtual closet. It helps women decide what to wear, by showing them how other women wear the clothes they have;
  • It’s available for iOS and Android;
  • Apple features Chicisimo as App of the Day word-wide, regularly. This is how Apple describes Chicisimo;
  • It’s been featured by the Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Glamour, Techcrunch and more;
  • Millions of women use Chicisimo – You can read here some of their reviews;
  • Chicisimo uses machine learning for fashion. Read about it here;
  • This is how women describe it: a lifesaver for your mornings; an outfit maker app; an outfit planner app; a wardrobe app; like a friend who held you decide what to wear, when you have nothing to wear; an outfits app; a closet app, and much more.

Some images please!

Chicisimo outfit planner app