Apple Watch

Introducing Chicisimo for Apple Watch

Tap twice and get outfit ideas for your clothes!


  • Chicisimo is that friend or mother who helps you decide what to wear in those days when we have nothing to wear

  • My wardrobe would be a disaster without this app

  • Chicismo app is like a lifesaver every morning when you dont know what to wear

When you are in front of your wardrobe

Chicisimo for Apple Watch is a super fast way to get outfit ideas, when you are in front of your wardrobe. What you read above is actual feedback we get from women, about the iPhone app. We are now launching Chicisimo for Apple Watch!

Imagine yourself thinking you have nothing to wear, even though you have tons of clothes right in front of you. How to combine my yellow sweater? How should I wear my black pants today?

With just two taps, you can select an item (a sweater for example) and then a color (yellow), and Chicisimo will give you several ideas for the clothes in front of you. You can select different colors and clothing items such as pants, skirts, dresses, shirts, heels or more, and receive ready-to-wear ideas for that special outfit for today!

A new era

A few days ago we got this email from a woman:

I dont have to google or ask my friends anymore to ask them how to combine something

And then also last week, we got this:

This app makes me feel unique when I go out

This is exactly where we are heading. And while Chicisimo for iPhone gives you, in general, outfit ideas to decide what to wear, Chicisimo for Apple Watch helps you when you are in front of your wardrobe.


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