Alexa SEO

Alexa SEO is the effort to increase the number of organic installs of your Alexa Skill, making it easy for the correct audience to find and enable your Skill.

We’ve discovered that our method for growth through ASO can be applied, successfully, to Skills Store Optimization with Alexa SEO. At Chicisimo, most of our 5 millions iOS and Android installs come from ASO (or word of mouth from people who found us via ASO).

Some of the basics of Alexa Skills Store Optimization, the Alexa SEO can be very helpful to teams out there looking for non-paid acquisition. You can read the full post on Alexa SEO.

The main factors for a successful Alexa SEO strategy are the same as in App Store Optimization, but adapted to the conversational context: keyword research, implementation, analysis of results, and iteration, iteration, iteration… You want to understand how your customers search for your Skill, and Skills like yours. By understanding how people think and describe their needs related to your Skill and competing Skills, you’ll have a great first SSO step. You can start the learning by using the same tactics you’d use for ASO to promote the best fashion apps like Chicisimo. Build a first thesis by finding recommended keywords in the Apple Search Ads or Adwords keyword planner, and adapting them to the voice context. Then, ask your first customers what keywords they used to find your Skill or related skills; and then, iterate heavily.

Alexa SEO

In the Skills Store, there are 6 fields to include keywords: Developer name or company name, Skill public name, One Sentence Description, Detailed Description, Example phrases, and the Keyword field. Please go read the full post on Alexa SEO.

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