No Simp September

No Simp September is a new monthly event created in 2020, learn the No Simp September meaning in the original website. Read about its history, relation to black culture, to rap culture, and to its misogynistic connotations.

In the above corresponding page, you’ll access different resources to learn about the event, and learn how to be careful when using the term.

If you have kids in their teens, they can probably explain the meaning to you However, they might not be aware of the negative connotation of the term. Learning about them will help you help your kids.

What is a simp? What is to simp? What are some examples of simping? That and much more is what you can learn. Here’s a list for you:

  1. What is a Simp?
  2. What is to Simp?
  3. What’s an example of a simp?
  4. Who invented NSS?
  5. Simp memes in 2020?


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