The top tips to buy online: Renew your wardrobe without leaving home

You need a new belt and sandals to go with that summer dress of yours. The weekend party is almost upon you! And yet, it is too hot outside to think of going out. And there are tons of things to wrap up over the weekend. That’s surely a familiar situation, ladies! However thoroughly you plan your week, such a situation is not always avoidable. But who said you have to go out? Because you just need to be familiar with the top tips to buy online!

A girl buying online

Your wardrobe can be completely spruced up right from your home.  Online shopping is the key, girls. Because everything that you can possibly need is available online.  And often at prices that are lower than actual stores. Or with some irresistible offer in tow! Chicisimo provides useful suggestions along these lines too. Online shopping comes with some unparalleled advantages:

  • You get to do the best shopping in the comfort of home.
  • You need not waste time and energy travelling to shops.
  • Often there are discounted prices for the same product online.
  • Most portals offer free home delivery.
  • There is easy return policy too.
  • There is no jostling for space with people.
  • You get to compare prices over many portals.
  • Offers privacy and discretion.

So, here are the top tips to buy online you need to keep in mind though when shopping online:

Compare prices among similar web merchants

With sites galore, it is easy to get tempted.  Say you are looking for a pair of high rise jeans. Just type your requirement in the browser.  And a host of options will pop up.  But check out every one in details before you commit.  Besides consulting your outfit planner on what looks good, always check for yourself. Because what looks good and sounds good is good for you.

One of the top tips to buy online is to compare prices

Always try to catch deals

Here is the advantage of going through offers carefully.  Suppose you have a certain addition in mind to your wardrobe. And prices right now seem a bit of a stretch.  Just ask yourself if you really, really need it right now. Or can it wait? Ask your outfit planner for some other suggestions too. Because online markets are by nature such that deals are aplenty. If not today, then surely you will get it next week or for tonight. And these really make a difference.  Meanwhile get Chicisimo to also provide inputs into what you exactly need.

One of the top tips to buy online is to catch deals

Read between lines for guarantee

One of the top tips to buy online? Carefully read the terms and conditions.  This is essential for online shopping. How long is the item under guarantee? Is there some catch or not? Are they charging way too much for home delivery? Is there a better money-back clause if you pay through credit cards?  What is the site’s reputation for online shopping? All these aspects are essential to know in order to make a good purchase.

Girl buying online with security

Understand the return policy well

One of the problems of online shopping when you want wardrobe upscaling is a bad fit.  As it is not always possible to understand how a dress will look on you. Your outfit planner can only suggest a particular style for you. But how well the actual garment feels or sits on you is a different matter. Or maybe the colour you chose online is not what you get. This happens numerous times. That’s why reading and understanding the return policy requirements is a must. Also some sites are very friendly, some others not so. Definitely, this is one of the top tips to buy online!

Girl receiving her online shopping

Check your needs by categories and use filters

Discuss your look with your outfit planner and check on Chicisimo. You now know that it is pointy shoes in brown that you need to add to your wardrobe. There, there. It is already made easy, right? Go directly to the search browser and look for “pointy brown shoes” and put filters in. There are filters galore. And you can select the size, the price range, the occasion, and more. Make your search easier for you.

Girl shopping online wisely

Avoid too-good-to-be-true offers

They are usually exactly that, too good to be true. Say a stole that you have eyed for long now, and you find it suddenly online.  At rock bottom price!  With an additional discount on using a particular credit card. That ought to ring alarm bells, girls! Remember there are no free lunches.  And it is better to shy away from such offers.

Girl trying clothes at home

Visit known and secure sites

It is very easy to check for the security of sites with their address. Ideally it should be https for you to be assured. These are secure sites. That means your identity and information stays secure.  Because remember ladies, no deal is worth getting hacked. And your wardrobe can wait. Online shopping means security first, rest later.

One of the top tips to buy online is to use secure sites

Hold back financial information

As a rule do not divulge too much information. There is only so much that genuine sites ask for.  Do not tell them card expiry dates or security codes or OTPs.  Get the best of your shopping experience in this way. 

One of the top tips to buy online is to hold back financial information

Keep a check on your limits

Aah, the limits! Ladies, there are temptations galore online, as there are at stores.  And there is a credit limit to your card. However much your outfit planner suggests a particular item, you must keep within limits. So, your own limits are important.  Granted that shopping is a guilty pleasure for all ladies, but do not overshoot. And there is always another day, another way.

Credit cards for shopping online

Stay safe from fraud

Online frauds are on the rise! It is very easy for hackers and spammers to pry information. Most of the activity online is visible to such people. What you might have been looking for on one site, for example. Such frauds then send you similar products on familiar-sounding web addresses. So, it is always better to go to the parent website in order to ensure safety.

One of the top tips to buy online is to avoid the fraud

There is a paradigm shift in how the world shops these days.  From the biggest names in the fashion business to start-ups, all are going online. And why not? When the customer is moving online, so are they.  Even fashion apps like Chicisimo, your very own outfit planner that can be downloaded  here for IOS and here for Android (if you need information on how to start with the Chicisimo fashion app, please check this previous post.), make suggestions based on online trends. Make the best of your shopping experience with the top tips to buy online.