What are the best fashion apps for women you should try?

  • Poshmark.  
Poshmark fashion app

The app goes with the tagline “#1 way to buy and sell fashion”.  There are sections that greet you by brand names. You can also choose an outfit based on trends. You can become your own planner following this section. A good way to upgrade one’s closet is to follow trends. Like similar fashion apps, one needs to list the stuff out on the app. You can not only buy clothes but also sell fashion on Poshmark.  One needs to share the listing with the network in order to do so. Once the transaction gets through, you get your payment. The app has secure payments feature.

There is no question of whether this is a legit app or not.  It is endorsed by real buyers and sellers. However since the site cannot vouch for these people, there are protections built in. Since the site deals in used items and clothes it is easy to give your outfit a new look at least cost. Its community feature is a big highlight. Ladies, you can now indulge in a bit of online haggling too.  This interaction works out good for buyers. Although Poshmark is not cheap, the ease of shopping balances out this flaw for users.