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Chicisimo, outfit ideas app for Android

A few months ago we released Chicisimo app for Android, an outfits app to help you decide what to wear. Since then, Chicisimo for Android has gone through an amazing growth and was named by Google as Best Apps of 2015. That was exiting! But we are most exited with what's next:)

Most women using the application, use it to decide what to wear, they use Chicisimo as outfit planner app; other use is as an ootd app for Android, an outfit ideas app; and some even use it as a wardrobe organizer app. We've seen this, regardless of the amount of clothes women have in their closet.

We are posting this here as part of a longer test. If you have any feedback please email us!


Chicisimo #1 in the App Store!

Thanks for all the love. Keep pushing <3

An easier way to organize outfit ideas that inspire you

We’ve created a new section that groups all the looks that you save, organized in albums. It's a very simple page, and it's beautiful!

Why do we create this section? This new section tries to help you keep your outfit ideas well organized. That easy :).

You can check out here the looks that I have been saving:)


My saved looks

We used to discover what-to-buy ideas via “experts”: Malls, catwalks or magazines. Not anymore.

Today we are introducing a new section called “Shop the look". It aims at helping you decide what clothes to buy. You’ll see where other girls buy their clothes they are wearing, and also you will get an idea of how those clothes might look on you.

You can check it our here: Shop the look.

Why are we launching this? Because when it comes to deciding what to buy, we are all learning to trust one another more than the “experts”. We believe good times are coming!

We used to discover what-to-buy ideas via “experts”: Malls, catwalks or magazines, they all “helped” us narrow down what-to-buy. Remember those times?

We are all tastemakers now, and we look at each other to discover new cool stuff we want to wear. Girls all over the world are documenting what they wear each day, and helping us discover new cool clothes. Also, they are helping us understand how those clothes might look on us.

  • If you are sharing your own looks, you know how this works: when you upload your look, you can include links. Please include only direct links to the product pages of whatever you are wearing.