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Chicisimo, outfit ideas app for Android

A few months ago we released Chicisimo app for Android, an outfits app to help you decide what to wear. Since then, Chicisimo for Android has gone through an amazing growth and was named by Google as Best Apps of 2015. That was exiting! But we are most exited with what's next:)

Most women using the application, use it to decide what to wear, they use Chicisimo as outfit planner app; other use is as an ootd app for Android, an outfit ideas app; and some even use it as a wardrobe organizer app. We've seen this, regardless of the amount of clothes women have in their closet.

We are posting this here as part of a longer test. If you have any feedback please email us!


Chicisimo #1 in the App Store!

Thanks for all the love. Keep pushing <3

iPhone images

Chicisimo launches "Outfit Ideas", the iPhone app that helps women decide what to wear

October 16th, 2014.- Discover limitless outfit possibilities in the palm of your hand by searching over 2 million user-generated fashionable looks

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Update: We are #1 in the App Store. Thanks everyone!


Update 2: Apple is recommending Chicisimo in 16 different countries. YAY!


Come work with us! We are hiring a designer


If you share our love for building great experiences, and you like what we are building here at Chicisimo, come work with us!

We are a small team of fashion and technology enthusiasts, and we are always searching for the right people who fit our culture.

We are now looking for a Freelance Junior Designer:

  • You’ll help design small processes and screens, both for web & mobile. You’ll have our help, you won’t be alone;
  • You have experience working with startups: ability to execute under pressure, and with very good communication skills.

(Aprox 50 hours per month, could be less, or more).

What impact will you have? We are lucky to be building stuff that people use. We serve an amazing community of fashion enthusiasts who spend up to 1 hour a week on our site, with strong engagement ratios. You will be helping build a product with a purpose. You will learn a lot. We will learn from you.

You can find more info here. Thanks!